Lord Harris steps down from CarpetRight

Last week Lord Harris of Peckham announced he is to step down as chief executive of Carpetright. This boardroom shake-up at the flooring retailer comes as it attempts to reverse weaker sales and a spate of profit warnings.

Will it be enough to stop the slump of the largest carpet retailer in the UK? Or was it just time for one if the leading lights in the carpet industry to step aside?

Lord Harris is hardly retiring. He still remains chairman and at 69 will probably have many years to come at the forefront of British retail.

Headlam Group – Who are they?

It is unlikely the UK general public would have heard of the Headlam Group but it would not be out if the way to say everyone will walk on a floor covering provided by them each and every day!

Do not think that could be true? Think again……

Headlam own a multitude of flooring supply companies. From well known ones such as Crucial Trading to lesser known wholesale distributors. They provide a huge number of carpets and other associated flooring.

Some might say they control the whole UK flooring market. Whilst they are undoubtably a monster in the flooring industry it is perhaps surprising to realise that the most important and influential group in the flooring Market is the independent retailer.

Go on support them!

Are CarpetRight in Trouble?

With recent 70% reductions in profits many people believe the carpet giant is in serious trouble.

Whilst all retailers, and those particularly in home furnishings, finding the current climate very tough you would have to be brave to bet against Lord Harris turning things around.

But will CarpetRight change?

Less stores – perhaps.
Less aggressive marketing – unlikely

It will be an interesting 12 months for the UK’s leading carpet retailer.

Carpet Underlay. Is rubber the best?

Whilst the most traditional felt carpet underlay is becoming less and less popular is rubber underlay now the leader?

Rubber underlay is fast being outsold by it’s modern counterpart, PU. This “new” underlay has long been popular in the USA and has become more prevalent in the UK in recent years.

PU carpet underlay has many benefits over rubber. The most obvious being it’s environmental advantages. It is made from recycled material and is far lighter than rubber so transportation costs are lower.

The Cheapest Way to Buy Carpet?

What is the best way to buy cheap carpets ?

Is it from CarpetRight with their 70% off sales? HIGHLY UNLIKELY!!!! These discounts do not usually reflect a true saving to the market price.

The best way to save money is to buy a carpet remnant  With a roll end you can make a genuine saving on RRP.  The most comprehensive choice of carpet remnants can be found on www.carpetremnantsonline.co.uk and there is even free delivery for orders over £50.00!


Carpet Tiles for Office Use

With so many carpet tiles available how do you choose which is right for your office or classroom?

Carpets2Floors is a website dedicated to helping in this matter. Supporting all the leading manufacturers such as Burnatex, Desso, Heuga, Interface, Heckmondwike, etc they are a one stop shop for everything related to commercial flooring and particularly carpet tiles.

With free advice and samples what more could you need? Give them a visit or call them on 01325 480222.

Tarkett’s acquisition of Rhinofloor

It is now nearly a year since Tarkett bought the Rhinofloor brand from Armstrongs.  Has anything changed?

Many people were concerned that Tarkett’s purchase would see a weakening of this household name but following an initial clear out of the ranges the core products remain the same and the specifications are still market leading. So things are looking good for the continuation of the Rhinofloor name.

You can buy the full range of Rhinofloor at vinylflooringshop.co.uk



Go Green or any 39 other Colours with Heckmondwike Supacord

Heckmondwike FB, is revelling in the popularity of its new Supacord Project Swatch. A record number of requests have been made – 50% more than the same time period last year.
The new allows specifiers such as architects to request up to five separate handy Supacord samples (9x4cm).  By reducing weight, packaging and postage resources, as only selected samples are issued, the light wwatches provide a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option compared to regular sample cards.
This method gives the architect more control of their project as they only  show the client the colours they have selected, rather than the full choice available.
The unrivalled versatility of British-made Supacord, which is available in 40 colours, allows specific designs to be laid as it can be precisely cut without fear of ravelling or fraying.  The cost effective flooring which allows the floor to become a design feature, along with its A+ BRE Global Rating for schools, retail and offices, has proved very popular with architects since its re-launch in 2010.

Rubber Flooring

The Vinyl Floor Shop by Burts has added a new product line today!

Rubber flooring is becoming increasing popular for kicthens and bathrooms.  Originally designed for commercial applications rubber flooring has many attributes to suit a domestic location.

Rubber flooring is hygienic and is  easy to clean.  It is is the new designer look which can easily be fitted for a reasonable price and  as it is soft and hardwearing its perfect for any area of the house.